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Hey! Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to The Little Birth Hub! 

Now that the news has had a chance to sink in your mind is most probably busy with all things baby! 

Yes, that does include all those thoughts going around about BIRTH , hence why you have found me!

The birth of your baby will be a key event in your life and therefore you and your baby deserve the right support in preparation! 

That's what i do! I'm all about education, preparation and support. 

You've got this and I've got you!



Here  at The Little Birth Hub my mission is to make antenatal education fun and available for all people and all births. My passion goes so much further than the stereotypical teachings of Hypnobirthing and my courses reflect this. 

My classes are  NOT about teaching people how to have that 'perfect' birth (because every person, baby and birth is different) but rather teaching people how to have the best birth for them through the right eduction, preparation and support.

We cover full evidence based antenatal education, birth rights and efficient techniques to support you through labour and birth, to essentially give you confidence in yourself and the birthing process. This means that even if things don't go 100% as planned you will feel confident in the decision making process and how you can influence your birth in a positive way. 

All of this, whilst having fun is pretty much a no-brainer!

No matter what your birth preferences are or what may happen during your labour The Little Birth Hub aims to give you all the tools you need to own your birth!

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So, what is Hypnobirthing?
Well, lets start with what it's NOT...

Hypnobirthing is NOT just a course for hippies who aim for a natural birth.

The Little Birth Hubs courses are evidence based, educational, supportive and fun.

We cover full antenatal education and birth rights
 and most importantly we support all people and all births.



Here at The Little Birth Hub we hold group, private, caesarean and bespoke refresher courses so that you can choose the course that is right for you.

about me

I'm Naomi; Mummy, Wife and a number one supporter to any pregnant person that will have me!

I'm a huge birth nerd and I'm very passionate about teaching parents to be, birth partners and basically anyone else who will listen all about pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester. 


I also love coffee, pizza, chocolate and going on adventures! 


Naomi Roberts DipHB
The Little Birth Hub
2 Heaton Road
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