It is normally recommended to participate in the course between 20-30 weeks, however, it is never too early or too late to prepare for you birth.  
We have a wide range of  courses including group, private, bespoke refresher, Caesarean and essentials. so you can find a course that works for you.

Here at The Little Birth Hub we focus on making sure that are courses are completely inclusive. All of my courses are built around all births and all people.There is no judgement, only support. The aim of these courses are to get you finformed about your choices, confident in your birth and body and excited about the journey ahead.

Hypnobirthing full course






hypnobirthing Essentials

£125 per birthing couple | 3hours

A compact course perfect for those who are close to their due date. This course is packed full of tools and techniques to support your  labour and birth.

ceasarian preperation

£125 per birthing couple | 3hours

This course is perfect if you are planning on having an elective caesarean or you have just had a Caesarean scheduled and want to prepare.

This course covers all caesarean basics and gives you confidence in this birthing process.


cost and length varies

This is a bespoke course for birthers that have previously attened a hypnobirthing course.

We will have a free consultation to find out what aspects of the course you want to focous on and then a tailored made course will be made specifically for you.


If you are still not too sure about hypnobirthing then come and join myFREE taster!

Here at The Little Birth Hub you can book in for  a FREE taster sessions so you can meet me, hear little bit more about hypnobirthing and find out what else the course has to offer.


The session is one hour long and held at The Hub. 

Image by Alex Pasarelu


"Hypnobirthing helped me have a full understanding of what was happening at every step and I'd have been in so much pain if I hadn't breathed my way through every single contraction. My husband helped and was so supportive too with the knowledge he obtained in class."

June 2020

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for our course and to tell you that baby has arrived. I had her at home in water and the hypnobirthing definitely put me in the right mindset. she's a little angel"

April 2020