Lets get to the point. 'Hypnobirthing" is a really rubbish name. It comes with so many stereotypical representations that people are well within their rights to be sceptical of, but I promise it is far from what you may believe.

The logic behind hypnobirthing is that pain is a fear repose. This fear response (mostly caused by the lack of control or the unknown) can be reduced or even avoided all together by learning and practicing effective techniques known as hypnobirthing.

The techniques taught throughout the course encourage relaxation and this is where the "hypno" part of 'hypnobirthing' comes from.These techniques are simply tools that work on dismantling your fears or worries around birth (don't worry, at no point will I make you cluck like a chicken or realign your chakras! It's all about shifting your perspective so you can see birth in a different light to the one that is portrayed so negatively to us in society).

These techniques alongside a full antenatal course is where the real Sh*t happens. By the end of the course you will know everything about how your body is supporting your baby(s), all your options, choices and rights you have during pregnancy and birth but most of all you will feel ready to meet your baby!

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  • Techniques to help you remain calm throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and in your birth.

  • How your body and your mind can work together.

  • The science behind birth.

  • The different stages of labour and how to cope with each stage.

  • How to deal with special circumstances that may arrise in pregnancy and birth.

  • How you and your birth partner can work together to be the best team ever made!

  • How using hypnobirthing techniques can support a birth no matter what birth you choose.

  • The importance of your birth partner and your birthing environment.

  • How to feel confident in the choices you make throughout pregnancy and birth.

  • What happens after the birth and what your options are.

  • How to structure a birth plan that works for you .

  • How truly amazing you are!


Hypnobirthing is beneficial in any birth scenario. Every birth is different and every expectation of birth is different. It does not matter if you want a drug free natural birth, a medicated induction or an elected caesarian. Hypnobirthing supports and works for any birth.

You have the right to choose what you want and what you feel is best for you and your baby. Hypnobirthing is about releasing any fear or anxiety around birth, educating you and your birth partner so you can make informed decisions based on true facts and understanding how your body works so your mind can work with it and not against it.

There is no judgement on your birthing preferences; only support in getting you educated, prepared and excited for meeting your baby!

So is hypnobirthing right for you? 



If you are still not too sure about hypnobirthing then come and join a FREE taster!

Here at The Little Birth Hub you can book in for  a FREE taster sessions so you can meet me, hear little bit more about hypnobirthing and find out what else the course has to offer.


The session is one hour long and is held at The hub. 

Image by Alex Pasarelu